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Kaths Book Keeping Service offers professional and seamless data entry solutions for our clients.

Do you find yourself staying up late or losing your weekends once a month to get your data entry done? It is certainly one way to get the job out of the way but it can be painful for many business owners and most of the time not very efficient.

Typically just when you think you have completed all your data entry and appear to be up to date, more mysteriously appears for processing. Data entry is the never-ending task for small business and sole traders.

Your Valuable Time
For most business owners it is rarely the best use of their valuable time, as it takes away from personal time and time that could be spent developing and growing their business.

Most businesses find that most data entry to be a mundane and repetitive task that if given the chance they would pass on to someone else to complete. Now you can by contacting Kaths Book Keeping Service and we can organise for one of our professional staff to perform your data entry requirements on a regular basis, freeing you up to do what you want.

Free Yourself of the Data Entry Chore
So free yourself up from the chore of data entry and concentrate on the growing your business instead. It is time to consider outsourcing this tiresome task and focus your efforts on growing your small business and recover some of your evenings and weekends.

Data entry should not have to leave you feeling down and time poor.

Our team can add value to your business by promptly and efficiently processing your data using the current technology, and delivering it to you whenever and in any format you require.

We will work with you to select the most appropriate routine to suit your business, typically from quarterly, monthly or weekly processing and we will maintain your data, guaranteeing that it is always up to date so you can be aware of what is occurring in your business. Say goodbye to playing catch up and not knowing what is happening in your business.

Contact now to start outsourcing your data entry to Kaths Book Keeping Service and you will immediately begin to gain a strategic advantage over your competitors.

Trust Kaths Book Keeping Service to get your Bank statements accurately organised and processed.

How would you like peace of mind when it comes to your business’ bank and credit card reconciliation? Are you 100% confident that you have tracked each and every line item to perfectly reflect your monthly income and expenditures?

It is imperative to reconcile these figures frequently to avoid duplicated or incorrect records during the each quarter to prevent large amounts of lost time to resolve.

Rather then you investing your valuable time looking over all your business’ line items – our all-inclusive reconciliation service offers reliability to your figures and leaves you free to concentrate on the bigger picture, like growing your business.

Monthly Banking Reconciliations
We typically would recommend that you have regular monthly banking reconciliations to prevent delays when processing your quarterly BAS and IAS returns and to fix issues promptly where appropriate. This will also mean that when the end of the quarter is due your figures are prepared to be simply and accurately transferred to your BAS and IAS.

Do yourself and your business a service and outsource your data entry and bank reconciliation regain some of your precious nights and weekends back to focus on the other important things in your life like family and leisure. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more productive you and your staff could be.

Contact now to discuss your Data Entry & Reconciliation needs.

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