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At Kath’s Book Keeping Service we pride ourselves at removing the stress from Payroll and handling Payroll from start to finish for your business.

We understand that payroll processing and management can be complex task and difficult to keep track of, with ever changing tax rates each year and all the added complexities of leave accruals, entitlements, superannuation, salary deductions and long service leave, all adding up to increasing the chance of mistakes and errors and potentially opening you up to the ramifications from employees and the ATO. This is why we are here to take the stress out of payroll for our clients.

We Are Your Own Personal Payroll Team
We are able to conduct all aspects of your Payroll requirements and obligations, making us your very own personal payroll department. It’s as easy as providing us with your staff’s timesheets or leave details and we can handle the rest.

Complete Payroll Services From A-Z
We can process payroll, calculate the required tax to be withheld, send out pay slips, handle payment summaries, track and report superannuation and even prepare and submit all of your lodgments with the ATO on your behalf.

Online Payment Configuration
We can configure your payroll and superannuation payments to be deducted from your internet banking with you logging in to your accounts to do the final authorisation.

We Have Every Situation Covered

  • Casual staff? No issue, just provide us the hours worked.
  • Full time staff? No issue, just provide any leave that may have been taken.
  • Commissions or bonuses? No issue, provide us the total or provide us the formula so that we can calculate for you.

Year End Tax Compliance
Let us handle all of your ATO obligations, like reconciling and reporting the withheld employees’ tax. We can also generate PAYG payment summaries (group certificates) for your staff and can send them to staff directly, so you don’t have to raise a finger.

Payroll Tax?
Maybe you are obligated to pay payroll tax as a large payer? We can calculate, reconcile and report payroll tax to the relevant state departments, even across grouped entities, across different states.

Regardless your Payroll needs let us take care of your payroll processing and management while you take care of your business.

Contact now to discuss how we assist with your Payroll Processing.

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