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We understand that cash flow is one of the most important parts of businesses day-to-day operations and at times can be compromised by outstanding invoices and debts that are owed by your customers and clients.

When you are a small business or sole trader you tend to struggle to find enough time to manage to do everything that needs to be done let alone the distraction of chasing outstanding invoices.

We also know how awkward it can be for you to call customers that you have in some cases had long standing relationships with and asking for those outstanding payments.

Here at Kaths Book Keeping Service we take the difficulty out of Invoice Chasing and Debt Collection by contacting your customers and chasing invoices that have not been paid for you. We do this in a professional, friendly and open manner so that you can rest assured your customers are being treated appropriately while we are recovering your outstanding debts.

Kaths Book Keeping Service will become a vital part of your credit control department, freeing you and your staff to concentrate on developing and running your business. By simply supplying us your debtor report we can then handle your customers and keep you updated of the progress of each outstanding debt.

We can organize and manage the following as a part of our Invoice Chasing and Debt Recovery services:

  • Contact your customers and log of the status of each outstanding invoice
  • Advise your customers that they may have exceeded the payment terms of the invoice
  • Organise a follow up with a letter stating we are dealing with the debt on your behalf if you wish
  • Chase as required by telephone, email or post as required, recording all the details for every action taken on every outstanding invoice
  • We can accept payment by any means you offer if the details are supplied
  • We will assist you with a full debt collection process including templates of emails and letters

Having Kaths Book Keeping Service chase your overdue invoices makes good business sense allowing you to take control and get your credit control in check and manageable.

Contact now to discuss how we can work together at increasing your cash flow.

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